A Third Script

Title: “Catch Me if you Can”

Veil is waiting outside some public restrooms in a park area. Gemini exits the women’s room with a cute, satisfied smile on her face and walks past Veil, who watches her trot past in anticipation to follow. That is, until his face is stricken with a sort of shock at the sight of Gemini from behind. The poor girl’s underwear is showing, her dress tucked into the back of it (note: it’s the same blueberry print ones he bought her from before). Shocked and embarrassed (perhaps even a little mad looking) he goes to grab for her dress to free it from its panty captive, only to just barely miss as Gemini turns around to see her husband grabbing for her butt.

“Oooh-Ooh Veil!” Gemini giggles excitedly, grinning mischievously, “Catch me baby!” and she darts off into the park for all innocents to gaze upon her round bubble blueberry butt.

Veil chases after her, of course, terribly horrified and a little miffed, trying to grab at her dress.

Of course, as with someone as thin and long as Veil chasing someone as stubby and fat as Gem, Veil manages to snatch Gemini up fairly quickly like a black window spider to a little grub. In his grasp, he untucks her dress. To which Gemini makes a surprised face, and glares at Veil “VEIL, we’re in public!” and shouts: “you’re embarrassing me!”


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