The Taffetas

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The Taffetas (2011): Veil Taffeta, a man more concerned about fashion than the fact he has risen from the dead, and Gemini, an eccentric ex-sea captain, thought their lives together would be happy and simple; However, the lives they lead instead force them into circumstances of drama, humor, horror, magic, and tragic loss that threaten their dream of a normal life.

Gemini's ExpressionsVeil's Expressions
The Taffetas proudly sports its two main characters, the fun-loving Gemini and uptight Veil, a couple trying to lead ordinary lives together. Instead, they live quite extraordinary lives in a self-aware modern fantasy world, as they learn to compromise with one another amid events in their lives both big and small.

Gemini Taffeta (left) is a cute, charismatic, fun-loving woman. She is flawed but lovable. She is the type of woman that can go into a crowded elevator, not know a single person in there, and as soon as it hits the third floor everyone loves her. She’s bouncy, peppy, and wears a lime green jacket. Her outgoing attitude is what brings spice into Veil and Gemini’s relationship.

Veil Taffeta (right) is a man who is wound up much too tight. Intelligent, stingy and well groomed in the ways of proper-etiquette and fashion, his cold and aloof manner manages to make him rather frightening to everyone but his wife. In all actuality however, Veil is quite sensitive, as he is a man constantly at war with his heart.

Together, these characters create a hilarious, enticing dynamic in which they continuously play off of each other as opposites and lovers. Viewers will come back week by week to make sure the two live through their current ordeal and stay together.

The Taffetas hopes to become a digitally-distributed web-drama based in a modern fantasy setting.Episodes will be transferable through mediums such as mobile video applications and download-able via website. Ideally the story will be in short, easy-to-digest episodes being 8-15minutes long with one or two 30-minute specials when the series starts picking up.

You can find more information about the main characters here.


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