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The Voices of Veil and Gemini
Part of the fun and appeal of our characters is how they speak. Anyone can say “I’m hilarious”, but what does it tell you about someone who says “I’m hilarious” in a completely flat, monotone way?
Gemini and her husband, Veil, both have very distinct voices that truly bring out the quirkiness and fun of their character. If you are a voice actor wanting to audition for our two main leads, by all means please contact us.

Gemini Taffeta
Gemini Taffeta tends to speak in a silly, playful, sing-songy sort of way all her own. She emphasizes certain syllables and de-emphasizes others. The voice actress for Gemini needs to show weight in her voice, growl (yes, growl like a little Pomeranian dog), and be able to offer an array of emotions.

Veil Taffeta
Veil Taffeta often has a calm, monotone voice in tune with his usual reserved nature. However, in moments of great emotion the flatness to his speech can be broken- giving a hint at his true feelings. A voice actor for Veil should be able to portray both a reserved, monotone voice as well as give off the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) idea of emotion breaking through that from time to time. He is the type of person who has so much emotion that, when it does break through his aloof facade, we need a voice actor that can actually make you hear him try to swallow it back down.

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Fyuvix said...

I love how much thought you guys put into the character development, and I think working as a team is really what's going to aid the believability of these two characters' interaction. I have a feeling this'll be a very Tulio&Miguel success, in that these characters will really come to life and feel like real people rather than a conceptualized fictitious duo.

Yesenia_Outrageous said...

awwww you're so nice! Thank you. We really appreciate all the feedback that you have been giving us.

sephend said...

I seems that you guys focused on Veil more than Gem. Is it because Veil's character is a bit harder to understand and Gem's character is already a little predictable?

Anyway, I was laughing through the whole thing. I like how you talk about Veil and Gem as if you're recalling episodes from your series.

Your characters are already very interesting but I think you can still improve. I believe Veil and Gem have yet to show other facets of their personalities that will surprise even you, given how well you already know Veil and Gem.

I'm suuuuper excited to see this project come to fruition!

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