Senior Soiree

Hello, this is Yesenia, Co-creator of the Taffetas project. The Senior Soiree is tomorrow, and I am greatly looking forward to it. The posters have received a nice amount of attention. (One seems a bit more eye catching than the other, but it has been wonderful to see such a good reaction from both pieces.)

Anyhow I will be among a possible 83 students searching for talent (WOW!) but either way I am highly anticipating a very good turn out. We have just been informed via email that our table will be #25, right by the refreshment stand, so if you swing by do come see me. I will be able to discuss what we are looking for in detail, as well as upcoming plans for the future!

Anyhow I will constantly keep things posted her on this blog, so stay tuned. It's bound to be quite the exciting quarter, and I look forward to meeting many of you tomorrow.


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