Research and Plan of Action

Our target audience for The Taffetas are women ages 25-39, though we expect to reach an audience both below and above this age group.

We have chosen this target audience not for the fact it is a highly marketable audience (though it is), but because it fit best with the story we want to tell.
We think we will hit this target audience in many ways. For starters, our main character, Gemini Taffeta, is a relate-able female character. Through her, we want to ask: why can't a woman be strong and powerful through sheer through personality and will, rather than by appealing to men or becoming a man? We want to see a character who represents the modern woman- imperfect but confident, strong but feminine.

Secondly, the whole story is a fantastical one that revolves around The Taffeta family, with the central figures being Gemini Taffeta and her husband, Veil. Women, especially of this chosen age group, adore these types of character-driven stories, and why shouldn’t they? The interpersonal relationships between intriguing and relate-able characters is an intelligent and fun show to watch week by week.

Thirdly, the way we wish to distribute this story, through short, viral videos that can be viewed online or through digital and mobile applications, is the new growing trend for consumption of media, especially with our target audience. Sites like Facebook and Youtube are quickly becoming dominated by modern women as they go to the internet to consume and share media.

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