Pilot Episode

This is the proposed first episode of The Taffetas web series. The approximate running time is 15-20 minutes tops (we think).

Episode 01 : Snow Yeti Princess

The episode begins shortly after Veil and Gemini arrive in their hometown from the docks, leaving from their ship to their home with luggage in hand. Veil, who has lived in this Manhatten-like city previously and owns an apartment, finds particular annoyance with his neighbors who can’t seem to keep their noses out of his business. But who can blame them, really, when a mysterious, 6”7 blue man disappears for a year, only to return with an adorable, fluffy young lady by his side?

Mayhem unfolds as the story of Gemini travels through Veil’s apartment complex. Like a game of bad telephone , the description of what she looks like becomes distorted until, you guessed it: everyone believes there’s a snow yeti princess in the complex.

Of course, this could have been spurned on by the bad drawings of one particular neighbor, Ronnie, who caught a good glimpse of this sweet girl and was only trying to describe her to a friend.

Either way, enraged and frightened by the rumors, the tenants of the apartment form a mob and show up at Veil’s door.

When Veil opens the door, he angrily states: “How many times do I have to tell you, people? I’m not a vampire!”

“We’re not here for you, vampire!” The leader of the crowd replies, “We’re here for the snow yeti princess!”

When they finally get their wish and forcedly drag out Gemini, who is not a snow yeti princess, but a cute young woman, the mob becomes disappointed and begins to die down. However, for Gemini, too many people surround her and the event itself being disoriented and frightening enough she begins to fall in a state of frozen panic.

She envisions herself on an old wooden stage, a spotlight pressing against her skin.

White noise fills the room, the only other sounds being her breath and the pounding of her own heartbeat.

However, all of a sudden another heartbeat, in tune with her own, is heard. A coat is thrown over her. It’s Veil’s. Veil gently leads her inside the apartment, angrily slamming the door after one long, cold glance at Ronnie, who has been standing in the back the whole time, horribly saddened by what he inadvertently caused.

** This is just us talking about the pilot in more detail, and the kind of direction we were thinking of taking it at the time of creation. The pilot has been edited since then.


Fyuvix said...

This sounds really awesome, and would make for a great webisode, though I'm still having some questions here if you don't mind my asking?

What is the main point of the series, and your plan of action for tackling the episodes? I know you mentioned before that it's an ongoing series, the episodes aren't stand alone, yet people can easily be drawn into it by the wild amount of characters (I imagine like Avatar, the Last Airbender in that sense). But perhaps post a first-run verbal pitch on the blog, to give you guys practice in getting it under the time limit, and getting out everything you need to say to sell the idea. I think that'll also help us all get a good solid idea of this project. There's lots of lengthy clips about the characters and world here on the blog, but not quite an all-inclusive "Here's the pitch." And tag line too, don't forget an effective tagline 8D

So for the pilot episode, what I'm getting from this is a story about the un-expected relationship between these two, and that they'll have to overcome the rumors and judgment of the townsfolk. Is that mostly what the series about, or is it something else?

In the pilot episode, we should get a real feel for the sense of how this whole series will go, not necessarily plot, but we should get an inkling of the essence of the plot. In this case, yes since your plot is about the relationship of these two characters, that whole scene with her fear of crowds and him taking her away to safety really gives us that strong sense, though it almost sets itself up to be less adventure, and more couple-drama in a way.

So for the pilot episode, I like what you have here, and I don't mean to jump to critique cuz it's probably not my place XDDD but it'd be nice to see most importantly: the mood of the series, and an inkling of the underlying plot. However, if I was right about the couple-drama, overcoming townsfolk judgment then spot-on episode you have XDDDD Still just getting a feel for the pitch.

Anyway, loving these posts. They give a great insight to the world and characters, and I can't wait to see it all pulled together in a 15 minute pitch! Do post some pitch practices on the blog too, so you can test it on your audience, see if they're understanding it the way you're intending it, and it'll help to fine tune your final pitch as well. Thanks for listening!

Yesenia_Outrageous said...

Hello Brianna,

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to offer us such a comprehensive critique, we truly appreciate all of your help and support.

We love the idea of practicing our verbal pitch through the blog and we'll definitely get right on implementing that, thank you. As for the story, it is in fact a couple's drama comedy more than an action/adventure. We have a little bit more information on the specs of our story section of the blog (http://thetaffetas.blogspot.com/2011/01/what-are-taffetas.html), but we will be fine-tuning it as the quarter progresses!

Thank you again, we truly appreciate everything you're doing for us.

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