Layouts for Their World

We are looking for concept layouts for the places our characters often visit and inhabit. We would like a sketch of the town that Veil and Gemini live in and Veil’s apartment and apartment complex. The images within this post are just ones for ideas. Good luck! I can't wait to see what you do with these.

The area they live in is a lot like Manhattan, or New York. Big city, lots of people, tall buildings. Veil lives in a rather dumpy apartment complex with far too many rooms per floor (and really nosy neighbors!). It’s wedged between a district of these extremely fancy boutiques, kind of an eyesore and out of the way. It’s in the middle of the city and close to the city park.

Veil's Home. Top = 2nd Floor. Bottom = 1st Floor
The inside of his apartment, however, is as clean as can be, albeit a little bare. Although small, it has two floors- with the bottom floor having a kitchen, a small dining room, a living room, and a study. The upstairs has his room and a guest bedroom, as well as a bathroom. Veil spends all of his money on clothes, fashion, books, and his little Pomeranian, so he hasn’t much in the way of homey d├ęcor. He does, however, decorate sporadically with classy old-world items (such as a globe stand), but the most eye-catching, and whimsical of his decor is a great white shark jawbone in his living room. His study also has a small desk, chair, and large bookcases of rare antique books.

For the Layout Artists:
We would like concept art of the city he lives in, the apartment complex, the apartment itself, and the study- both when it’s just Veil’s study, and when Gemini rooms in the study as his guest. She brings to his rigid, sterile room a bit of fluffiness and chaos, strewing about her clothes and items around his stuff.


Fyuvix said...

I love the references you guys are giving for these layouts. That's what I love to see in the building of a concept is tangible photos of what you guys believe the world to be. Do you think you could also provide some style references for the look of the concept? Perhaps posting similar existing styles be it in TV, or even taken from Deviantart? I think that'll really help people get an idea of what sort of stuff they should be pumpin' out. Personally, I'm excited to see the layouts, but it looks like there's no volunteers quite yet, correct? Surely there has to be some sequential kids into this! D8

Yesenia_Outrageous said...

Hello Brianna, thank you for all your suggestions. We actually do have a layout team that we are working with right now, and will be meeting with them soon, but your idea on a style page is really smart and I will get to posting that asap. Thank you so much!

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