Fashion Preview

For The Taffetas, one of the elements we're hoping to emphasize is the fashion of the characters. Like Mad Men, Ugly Betty, or Sex and the City, we want to be trend-setters, and have our audience not only come back to find out what happens to our characters, but what our characters are wearing.

We are going for a 50's-60's feel to our clothing, but other eras can also influence designs to create something unique.

The Fashion of Gemini Taffeta
Ever a bubbly ray of sunshine in the Taffeta household, we want Gemini's clothing to reflect her outgoing and eccentric personality. Gemini wears bright tones, patterns, and clothing choices that shouldn't work, but surprisingly do sometimes. She also has an affinity for nautical themed wear (or anything she deems nautical themed).

Here is some of our first of many samples of work to have come back from our team of dedicated and creative costume designers. Just look at those shoes!

More to come within the next couple of days, stay posted!

Veil Taffeta
coming soon

Fashion Design tidbits from Whitney Ponikvar. More to come within the next couple of days!


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