Meet Veil & Gemini

"Chase Me, Baby"
This is Gemini & Veil, the heads of the Taffeta family and our quirky protagonists.



Gemini can be described as cute, strong, honest and fun-loving in a positive light and annoying, selfish, and childish in a negative one. She is the perfect imperfect girl, with enough good to make her lovable but enough bad to make her believable and intriguing.

Gemini’s underlying goal in The Taffetas is to form and keep a family, or rather, get what she wants- and what she happens to want is a family to love. While Gemini is a caring mother figure, charismatic, and makes friends easily, the ever-underlying motives of Gemini, no matter how selfless seeming, always serve a somewhat selfish purpose.

But this stubborn selfishness proves key to the survival of everyone’s well being. While she and her family and friends may suffer through hardships both great and small, from petty quarrels to horrific scenes to villainous conspiracy plots, Gemini works through each new hardship with the hope of a better tomorrow.

She is a short girl, around 5’2 and a less-than-ideal 180 lbs with long, curly ash blond hair. She has bright blue eyes and a short, upturned nose that wrinkles from time to time (to her husband's delight and her dismay). She has dog-like teeth (a trait of her fantasy race), and big, bold eyebrows.

Veil Taffeta_______________________________________

Veil Taffeta is the more reasonable of the two, acting as a strong paternal figure and caring husband. He is intelligent, stoic, and groomed in the ways proper-etiquette and fashion. He can be cold and aloof, evening frightening, to strangers but is actually quite sensitive, as Mr. Taffeta is a man constantly at war with his heart, which feels one way, while his mind – the one he wants to listen to – tells him to act another way.

Wound up much too tight, Veil is hardly the fun-loving free spirit Gemini is, and while this can help balance her flightiness, it is often to his discredit. He is extremely scrutinizing of everyone - himself and the ones he loves included. For instance, he is constantly badgering Gemini on her choice of outfits every morning and insists he and everyone else follow some mental checklist of his of what is proper at all times.

A tall man, around 6’7 and 150 lbs at best, Veil is a lanky and looming figure. As is his body type, Veil’s face is both distinct and less-than-ideal to stereotypical beauty, with a large nose (which Gemini adores) and sallow cheekbones. He has bright, yellow eyes, elf-like ears, and, perhaps his most distinctive feature (& Gemini’s favorite), his skin is a light shade of blue.

"The Suit"


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sephend said...

Is Veil a zombie? You said that he rose from the dead in the synopsis...

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Gemini: noooooooo!!! He's a vampire e-e!!

Actually, yes, he is what some people might call a zombie. Though, he is more just *un*dead in the sense he is not really much of a walking corpse. That, and he definitely prefers that definition more (if he wants to define it at all, which he doesn't).

Though, this is not information Gemini or the viewer knows until later in the series, we decided to add it to our log-line since it is an interesting aspect of this character that plays a large role in later plots.

sephend said...

So...even though Veil isn't some rotting corpse, he's still kinda a zombie because he prefers that over vampire?

Still a bit confused but sounds like an interesting character trait to wait for.

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Oh no, let me explain. Veil certainly *looks* like a vampire but he isn't one. Vampires actually do not exist in our world though they are believed to be and are feared as we might fear any other race that *is* real in their world. Thus, our leading man gets a lot of mistaken identity as a vampire for that. Gemini seems to take a liking to thinking he is a ravishing, handsome vampire though and whenever he denies the claim ("notavampire -_-") our leading lady goes "what?! I've been *lied* to?!"

Veil is certainly not a rotting corpse either which is why he prefers to avoid the term "zombie". Rather, his body and mind are very much alive (not without some side effects, though). He is *un*dead- alive again after being dead.

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