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This is a volunteer-based project coming from SCAD Savannah. If you would like to participate or would like more information, please contact:
Yesenia Carrero at

(Ads from the last Senior Soiree)


Seeking Voice Actors, Background Artists, Fashion Designers, Storyboard Artists, Sound Designers, and Animators
As mentioned prior, we have a lot of positions open for people to contribute to The Taffetas project! Job descriptions include:
  • Voice Actors: We are looking for reliable voice actors for our lead, Gemini, as well as many of the minor characters. We require an audition for the part.
  • Background Artists: We are currently looking for backgrounds artists for The Taffetas short animation project for the pitch
  • Fashion Designers: we are in need of fashion designers to create chic and unique designs for our leads, Gemini and Veil, as well as minor characters Elena and Sapphire.
  • Storyboards Artists: we are always in need of storyboard aritsts to help us visualize the show in little snippets to show to investors and supporters. Portfolio for storyboard artists is now required as we are looking for people with decent drawing and storytelling skills
  • Sound Designers: For The Taffetas short animation project for our pitch, we need a sound designer to help bring our animation to the next level!
  • Animators: We are in need of Flash animators for the Taffetas pitch to test out our puppets, create interesting pitch and promotional animation content, as well as animate for our upcoming short scene. Demo Reel required. We are looking for special effects and character animation. Having worked with digital animation (Flash or AE) prior is a plus, especially in a "cut-out" or "puppet" style of animation for character.
  • Flash Programmers: Finally, we are looking for creative Flash Programmers to help us with interactive aspects of our show.


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Yesenia Carrero & Tracy MacLauchlan

(Co creators of The Taffetas © 2011)


angelmermaid said...

i hope i can gain a voice action part! i will try to audition for all female characters ^^

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