August 2016 Update

Hello Everyone,
Tracy speaking. Today's post will be a short one focusing on our migration away from blogger and onto and our comic launch in the fall.

Comic News
Our first story arc, The Great Barley and Bay-lily Circus, is still underway with Yesenia and I about 1/3 of the way through the story.

The whole process has been fun for Yesenia and I overall, and we're excited to release the comic soon!

General Updates
We are on schedule for our planned release the comic this Fall, and with this in mind, this will be our last post to this blog before migrating onto our new site, We've shown our planned webdesign in an earlier post, but the site will not be live until the comic launch. While we work on the Gemini Journey series, we will continue to update our tumblr with mini-comics, illustrations, and any fan works from you! You can also continue to contact us on our Tumblr, Facebook, Deviantart, or my twitter - which I use often. Thank you all for your continued support!

July 2016 Update

Hello everyone,
Yesenia writing. Today's post will be short and sweet, covering any admin changes to Gemini Journey and news on our progress.

Our facebook URL has changed to
Remember to update your bookmarks – or you can always give us a like.

The email, is no longer in use. You can always comment below, or contact us on our tumblr and/or facebook fan page. Our social media pages have been updated with the new changes.

Comic News
Our first story arc, The Great Barley and Bay-lily Circus, is underway with Tracy and I completing panel 40, which is almost through the first act. As we mentioned last post, our plan is to release the comic starting this fall, uploading the comic to our new website bi-weekly with a group of 4-6 panels.

Concept work: Gemini poses center stage in Barley and Bay-lily's Circus Ring 

We're super excited about it. This is one of tracy's many tweets on our project.

While we work towards uploading our first pages into the Gemini Journey series, we will continue to update our tumblr with mini-comics, illustrations, and fan works from you!

Thank you all for your continued support!
Leave us a comment below or contact us on facebook or tumblr

Progress & Change

Hello Everyone!

Tracy writing. Today's post is about our progress with Barley & Bay-Lily and our new Facebook URL.

Barley and Bay-Lily Progress
Gemini Journey and the Great Barley and Bay-Lily Circus will release this Fall to our upcoming website, along with our proof-of-concept comic, Here There Be Dragons. Our debut issue, this will be the first of many more comics to come in the Gemini Journey series. We continue to hit our deadlines every week, building our queue, and will upload the comic to the website bi-weekly with a group of 4-6 panels.

 top: a preview from Barley and Bay-Lily, bottom: a panel from Here There Be Dragons

Facebook URL change and other social media

Please update your bookmarks! is now

And follow us for us for further updates @ (facebook) and (tumblr), which includes more content, such as pinups and sketch comics.

A panel from the sketch comics 

Thank you all for your continued support! 
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May Update- Extra Art, Comic and Website Progress

Hello everyone! Tracy writing. This month’s update is a reminder about where you can follow more Gemini Journey work on social media, features we've received, and our progress with our comic and website.

Where to Find Us Online
You can find more Gemini Journey work on my other social media sites, such as my Tumblr, Deviantart,  and now my personal Twitter! You can also follow the official Gemini Journey Tumblr for only GJ-related posts. On these sites, you'll see work like these Gemini and Teacup Manticore pinups:

Comic sneak peeks:

And other sketches and random things:

Behance and AIGA features Gemini Journey
On May 25th, our proof of concept comics were featured on AIGA portfolios: !

And, our Gemini Journey character designs were  also featured on Behance's illustration served back in August:

We're very grateful for the encouraging recognition, and we will continue to work hard providing quality content.

Comic and Website Progress 
So far, the comic is coming along nicely. Yesenia and I continue to meet our goal every week and we're excited to share our content with you all.

Meanwhile, the talented and gracious Peter and Company creator, Jonathon Ponikvar, is coding our website for us while we build the comic queue. When the site is done, we'll announce an official launch date.

Until then, we hope you'll all stick with us, and we appreciate your support along the way!

Who likes Cerberus Puppies?

Hi everyone
Yesenia writing.  With Tracy and I coming close to finishing up the beginning of our first chapter, Barley and Bay-lily, today's post will be a only a thank you and a small peek at our upcoming comic :)

(penciled panel) Gemini looks at a Cerberus puppy and teacup Manticore

(Completed panel) Gemini waves good-bye to a one of our story's many mythical inhabitants,

Updates will continue to be small until our release. Until then, we have only a few more updates in store before we retire this blog and move onto the real-deal.

Thank you all for your continued support! 
Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note

Website and Webcomic Underway

Hello everyone!
Tracy writing.
Today is a progress update. As you may know, we hope to release our official comic later this year, and we're working hard to make that happen!

Yesenia is working on the design of our website (below).

Yesenia's initial homepage design

And I'm still drawing the pencils of the comic. Currently, I've cleaned up a few updates worth of panels, and most of it is still in the roughs.

A rough panel

Updates will likely be small until our release, since we are continuing to work on the same project- and don't want to spoil it!- and then we'll also likely slowly phase out this blog after that. Until then, we will be writing next month about our further progress (and possibly showing off some 3D models I made for the backgrounds).
Thank you all for your continued support! Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

Barley & Bay-Lily Underway

Hello everyone!

Tracy writing. Today is just a quick update on where we are with Gemini Journey. Currently, we're working on the comic (preview rough panel, below) and our website.

We're ahead of schedule for both, and hope to release the comic on the site in May or June of this year. Until then, updates will be sparse, but you can watch our tumblr or facebook for announcements of the comic's launch! 

concept work of Barley & Bay-Lily
Thank you all for your continued support! Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

Here There Be Dragons + Barley & Bay-Llily

Hi all,
This is Tracy speaking.

With the new year comes some exciting new updates. To end the year, we released our first mini comic, Here There be Dragons, as a style and process test for the first installment of Gemini Journey's Official comic. We are also working on character designs for villains in the first story arc, The Great Barley and Bay-Lilly Circus, and are working towards creating the actual comic.

The story follows Gemini as she searches for a job and becomes involved in a mysterious circus .....
Barley and Bay-Lilly are the twin ringmasters.

A small look into some concept work for the ringmasters.

Our mini comic, Here, There Be Dragons,  is available to read on our Tumblr and my Deviant Art. It was a lot of work, but Yesenia and I figured out a process that works for us. As a surprise to me for Christmas, Yesenia even printed it as a softcover book!

Thank you all for your continued support and we hope you had an equally great holiday season! If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

November Update: Comics, Website, & Foxes

Hello! Tracy Writing. 

Have you seen this month's upload of our last test comic? If you missed it, we've uploaded Part 1 and Part 2 to Tumblr. Part 3 will be out this Friday.

We'll soon have our own website to upload comics to, though. After the New Year, Yesenia will design our new website, and re-brand our Facebook, Tumblr, and Blogspot for a more cohesive experience. We'll then populate the site with content- character bios, story outline, comics, ASAP.

Speaking of which, The Great Barley and Bay-Lily Circus, our first official arc, is going well. We're a little behind where we (I) wanted to be right now but I'm positive we'll catch up. We're also working on concepts for the extra characters that will appear in this story, particularly the titular Barley and Bay-Lily, as they'll be a big presence in this arc and deserve some attention.
Concept sketches for Barley and Bay-Lily, a pair of anthropomorphic vulpine ringmasters from our first story arc.
 We haven't decided on a definitive launch date for our webcomic, and I expect we won't know for sure until Feb. or even March. Until then, we'll continue to post updates the 2nd of every month.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note

Promo Comic Release Date & Barley + Bay-Lily Plans

Hello Everyone! Tracy writing.
If you've read our past updates, you know Yesenia and I are hard at work on an upcoming promo comic and getting ready to start drawing The Great Barley and Bay-Lily Circus, our first official web comic story arc.

The short promo comic will be released online November 20th. We're excited to share our first steps of our project with you all.

Meanwhile, Starting November 30th we will work to build a queue of comics for Barley and Bay-Lily until an undetermined time in 2016 when we want to release the comic online. We plan to do about 4-6 panels (roughly 1 page) of comics every two weeks.

We thank you all for your patience and support! We love hearing from you, so don't be shy to drop us an e-mail, a tumblr note, or a facebook comment.

Comic Process and Upcoming Teaser

Hello everyone! Tracy writing.

As you know from our previous updates, Yesenia and I are busy working on our first story arc, Barley and Bay-Lily, our second script, working title Sleepover, and our teaser comic for November.

The teaser comic will be released mid-to-late November, with an exact date announced on the 2nd.  Currently in our process, co-creator and colorist Yesenia is working her magic in Illustrator and bringing our characters to life. We're close to finishing the whole thing up, and excited to release it to you.

While you wait, I thought I'd share more about our current process with you all.

Working from our script, I takes a batch of panels from a thumbnail, to a rough, to a cleaned up version for coloring
(final above)

Yesenia takes my lines and colors them in Illustrator.

Yesenia and I work in panels, or frames, rather than full comic pages. This is a choice we've made based on where we want to take the comic and our personal preference.

We think we can manage to release 3-4 panels a week with Barley and Bay-Lily, and hope to refine our process to output even more in the future. We're  excited to better our craft- we'll be imperfect, even crude, at times, but we can only improve from this point and that is a good feeling.

To see more of our work and process, please check out our tumblr, and be sure to check out Yesenia Carrero's Adobe Illustrator videos.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note

Upcoming Teaser Comic

Hello Everyone!

Tracy, co-creator and artist writing. Last update, I mentioned that co-creator Yesenia and I were a little behind schedule because of- well- life and stuff.
We worked hard and now we're back on schedule. Yesenia finished the teaser comic's lettering and I'm cleaning up the roughs for final render.  We've also completed the first draft of the second script, working title Sleepover.

A frame from the teaser comic that will go to color

We're on track for a November release date of this comic, and also expect to have a final draft of Sleepover's script around the same time.

The short teaser comic touches on a common theme we push in Gemini Journey's story: fantasy elements with a humorous, contemporary twist. We hope the comic will be a fun promo for our 2016 launch and an entertaining read for you all.

Sleepover is about Gemini’s first-ever slumber party, where she and her friends enjoy a night of party games, pizza, and chainsaws. When an unexpected guest from Gemini’s past reveals herself, it’s up to the group to decide if this foreign being is friend or foe. 

In addition, you might have noticed our blog banner has changed. Yesenia created and uploaded a new banner for our social media from an earlier sketch I did. We don't want to get into branding too much until our official comic, but Yesenia and I feel that it is too confusing for new viewers to still see The Taffetas title on our social media. This banner of Gemini opening Pandora's box, complete with our new title, is our solution.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

June Progress : 2nd Script and Promo Roughs

Hello Everyone! Tracy writing. Today's post is a short update on our progress, namely our second script and promo comic.

We wanted the roughs and the second script done by end of July; however, we're just a little bit off that mark, but not by much!

I mentioned last post that I've been laid off from work,  which has made it difficult to concentrate as I'm networking, updating my portfolio, dealing with finances, and all that fun stuff. I am lucky enough to now be self-employed with a few contract jobs, so work will resume on Gemini Journey again this August as we settle into a new routine. I'm always looking for remote part-time and full-time animation or art-based work though, so please e-mail me if you have any leads or contacts!

For what it's worth, we are about 90% done with both outstanding projects. I estimate that the promo comic roughs will take only 7-8 more hours to complete, and the second episode script another two days.

Working from the thumbs I made in June, I've been doing a little bit of work almost every night
to flesh them out in this rough format.

Our goal is to release the promo comic around November before we release our first story arc, The Barley and Bay-Lily Circus, in 2016. All the while also back-logging more scripts for better continuity and planning.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

May/June Progress Update | Promo Comic, Second script, and Barley & Bay-Lily coming up

Hello everyone!
Tracy writing. I hope you're all having a fun Summer. Today's post is a progress update for both May and June, since we missed June 2nd's post because I had just been laid off from my job. We'll be talking about where we are with test comics, a new promo comic in production, and an update on our second script.
Test comics & Promo Comic

Did you catch our third test comic, colored by co-creator Yesenia Carrero? If not, you can view it on our tumblr, along with our behind-the-scene process of my original drawings and Yesenia's vectoring.

A fourth test strip is in the works, and will be our last one in the queue. Yesenia and I decided we got what we needed out of this small side project, and it's time to move on from them. There were going to be a few jokes I was looking forward to fleshing out that touched on the world mechanics during these strips, but I think our next endeavor, a promo comic, is more worthwhile to our end goal, and is something Yesenia and I will enjoy.

The Promo comic is a mini, self-contained story featuring Veil and Gemini and glimpses into their contemporary fantasy world. The comic is in thumbnail form now, currently being roughed out, and I hope to release it by the end of the Summer to help push our first arc, The Great Barley & Bay-Lily Circus, which we will likely dive into earlier than planned. More on that in future updates!

 Some thumbnails

Second Script In Rough Draft

Alongside our comic work, Yesenia is studiously writing our second "episode" script. Like me, she took an online scriptwriting course first, and is now creating her first draft.

The second arc takes place during a sleepover, where she and Sapphire accidentally unleash chaotic magic during a demon summoning. Typical girl stuff.

It's going to be a cute, fun, character study and introduction to most of our main cast. We're excited for it, and we can't wait to share it as a final comic someday.

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you wish, leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.

Series Bible, Scripts, Sapphire Updates, and Test Comic Status

Hello Everyone! Tracy updating.
April was a very productive month for us, we managed to complete the rough draft of our series bible, refine our first story arc, and even tweak some character designs. We move into May excited to write scripts, getting ever closer to beginning the comic!

Series Bible and Story Arc Outline 

To refresh, our series bible is intended to be a resource, a rulebook, and a little bit of pitch material. It’s the guide that keeps us on track during execution, with sections for writing style, tone, character bios, analysis, arc details, world rules, and the like. It’s mostly for us, but a lighter version can be used to explain our idea to others.

This month we burned through the rough draft of the series bible. After that, we went through our initial episode ideas from  the 2011 concept refresh and revised them to create an outline of volumes involved in the the first major story arc of Gemini Journey.

We will write the scripts of the first five volumes starting next month.
We haven't yet figured out the due date of this part. Right now, we're a couple of months ahead of schedule, but we're also accounting for some other things going on in our lives. We'll likely have a plan by next post!

Sapphire Updates

When we came out with Sapphire's concept art , I mentioned she wasn't yet where I wanted her to be. I took the initiative this month to play with her character some more from the inside out, and I enjoy the results. She's been evolving over time through Yesenia's and my brainstorming, our test comics, and just by drawing her more. 

You can follow my sketches and thoughts on the Gemini Journey tumblr.

Continuation of the Test Comics
Last update, I announced that the third test comic and beyond will be colored by Yesenia. You can learn more about the test comics on our tumblr

Yesenia finished the third comic artwork in her gorgeous vector style, as you can see in these previews:

As soon as the lettering is finished, the comic will be live on our social media, and then we'll work on the fourth strip in the series, currently in the sketch stage:

What do you think about our progress? Leave us a comment below in the comments section or contact us via facebook or tumblr note.
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